Saturday, November 5, 2011

2 for 1

Yesterday I didn't post anything because the husband had the day off. Since the concert was canceled we saw a movie. A midnight screening of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. I thought it was really funny and I thought (Spoiler ahead) the part they made fun of Christmas store Tongue to the pole was the funniest part.. Today was Cookies with Santa at our local mall and it was super crazy and very unorganized. We didn't even get to see Santa and I wasn't about the wait in more lines just to get a over priced picture. Most of you know (if you don't you know now) I coupon and I have to share this great deal I got on pizza yesterday.
I won a free pizza, plus I had enough Papa points for free pizza.. :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad News :(

Since we had already made plans we are going to go see a movie and dinner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music of the Heart

In the past couple month I have been to more concerts than I have ever been in my whole 26 years of life. I'm actually seeing Leann Rimes TOMORROW. :D And I will make a blog about it later. Right now this is one about the ones I seen before. I took more pictures than what I posted here. If you are on my friends list on Facebook you can check them out on my page..But warning this will be a long blog... Neon Trees
LifeHouse (No video on this one)
Mark Wills and Mark Chesnutt This concert was actually was canceled due to heavy rain. So we went to the club inside the casino the concert was out for a local band (Tony Marques) and guess who showed up and did a private show?!?! Those two guys.. Video of Mark Chesnutt singing
Randy Travis (No video)
Gary Allan (Again no video)
Blink 182
Richie Mcdonald (from LoneStar)

Vertical Horizon
And Some I didn't have the honor to take pictures Derks Bentley, Chris Campball, Hunter Hays For now on I'll try to blog the next day or two after the show..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's play Ketchup

Last blog was July 17 with a product review. Well, Since that blog alot happen. Our apartment got broken into and they basically took everything. Tvs, computers, clothes, food, jewelry and dishes. We didn't want to live in that place no more so we gave our notice to the manager. She wasn't to happy about that and told us we had to pay an early termination fee PLUS damages the robbers did which was over $2600 (Broken door and frame and holes all over the wall). We said no way in H E Double hockey sticks we are paying that when we know damn right we can get out of our lease if we feel unsafe. So we moved out and now we are in a different place away from that place.

Let me state this I will try my hardest to do a blog a day for a month. Rather it be just random stuff or an update but for now Madison is throwing a fit so I have to sign off for now.