Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's play Ketchup

Last blog was July 17 with a product review. Well, Since that blog alot happen. Our apartment got broken into and they basically took everything. Tvs, computers, clothes, food, jewelry and dishes. We didn't want to live in that place no more so we gave our notice to the manager. She wasn't to happy about that and told us we had to pay an early termination fee PLUS damages the robbers did which was over $2600 (Broken door and frame and holes all over the wall). We said no way in H E Double hockey sticks we are paying that when we know damn right we can get out of our lease if we feel unsafe. So we moved out and now we are in a different place away from that place.

Let me state this I will try my hardest to do a blog a day for a month. Rather it be just random stuff or an update but for now Madison is throwing a fit so I have to sign off for now.

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