Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today I lost a family member, a friend, a hero, and someone I looked up to. So this is dedicated to him. He always over came every obstical in his life. You Will be Missed Todd Kanipe. My words to you are here for everyone to read. You were one of the few heros I looked up to in my life.
Today we lost a cousin,
A Husband,
A Father,
And a Friend.

He always over came,
The Obsticals he had.
He lived his dream,
The life of a Police Officer.

He always kept the beat,
And always kept the smile.
He kept the laughter going,
Even during trying times.

As you make your way to heaven,
And take that journey to the gates,
Know you will be always missed,
And give the family our warmest wish.

We will see you again someday,
When our work here is through,
But until that day,
You will always be near, loved and missed.

-James Beal

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