Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I been MIA for awhile but I promise Ill post more.

So Updates since last time I posted.

Our old house sold and the new owners wanted in with in a month. We took the offer because if we didn't who knows if another one would come along or not. So with that our new place is not done yet so we are staying in a crap hole apartment which is the size of our living room and master room put together. Can you Picture 3bedrooms of things in a 2room place?? And by two rooms I mean and living area and a bedroom. Well don't try so hard it sucks. 40days left and I can't wait.

I had a birthday I'm 24 now. We didn't really do anything on it. James took me to Red Lobster and bought me an Wii. I wanted the wii fit but being pregnant I really can't do half of the stuff on it.

Along with being pregnant I'm about 9weeks . I half morning sickness really bad.

James started a new job. Less stressful and more money.

Ill post belly pictures and more house pictures later.

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